Sunday, 14 June 2015

Top 10 Budget Friendly Dog Breeds

Owning a dog brings a good deal of extra joy to the lives of most owners, but there is also the potential for added expenses to household budgets.Some dogs require a lot of space to run around but won’t consume food a bag at a time.So here are some budget friendly dogs.

Top 10 Budget Friendly Dog Breeds



Top 10 Budget Friendly Dog Breeds

This wrinkly and sometimes tough looking canine is surprisingly easy to care for, requiring relatively little space despite having an average weight of 40-50 pounds and not much grooming or training. They have short fur, do not shed very often, and are very easy to train due to their loyal and receptive nature. 


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  1. Bulldogs are THE BEST! (at least ours was)... However, besides the fact that a good breeder will charge $2000+ for a puppy, the breed is very prone to eye problems (ours had constant eye infections until she had a $2500 doggie face lift - that did, admittedly fix her for life) and other health issues that can cost a lot.