Friday, 31 July 2015

Top 5 Cute Cat Breeds For Families

Most of these breeds are noted for their calm, affectionate, tolerant and playful temperaments. They are less likely to be possessive of or bonded to individual family members, which means they are less likely to see a new baby as an interloper and a threat.

Top 5 Cute Cat Breeds For Families


Maine Coons Cat

Top 5 Cute Cat Breeds For Families

Maine Coons can rival the size of small dogs and are highly intelligent, playful and energetic. They thrive in families that include children and other pets, including dogs. Be aware that they are very dexterous and are capable of using their front paws like raccoons to scoop up food. They like to dunk favorite toys in water bowls.


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  1. This is such a beautiful cat, regal and such intelligence in those calm amber eyes. Our darling British Shorthair Bob died last June aged 18 and is much missed. I would love A Maine Coone. We were adopted by a kitten who grew up to look and behave just like the breed and played catch and football with rolled up paper. The comment about dexterous paws is SO right!