Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Top 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds

There are about 90 million pet cats in the U.S. according to census data.This means there are many more whose owners do not claim them as pets even though they take care of them.Many of these cats are identified as domestic longhairs or domestic shorthairs and only about 3-5% are purebred.The list of cat breeds is large most registries recognize around 40 breeds of cats and at least one new breed is added yearly.Purebred cat lovers generally choose a breed that is similar to their personality. A person who is reserved and introverted might choose a breed such as the somewhat aloof Scottish Fold or the American Curl.

Top 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds


Maine Coon:

Top 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Maine Coons can rival the size of small dogs and are highly intelligent, playful and energetic. They thrive in families that include children and other pets, including dogs. Be aware that they are very dexterous and are capable of using their front paws like raccoons to scoop up food. They like to dunk favorite toys in water bowls. They have been known to stretch up, wrap their front paws on door knobs and open doors.


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